Silicone Gel Mammary Prostheses in Albania and Breast-Feeding

We would define the security of silicone gel prostheses for the mother, the effects of an eventual contamination of maternal milk, if this condition is associate with elevate concentrations of silicone in the blood of their sons and if the silicon presence in correlate with immune pathology in the newborn.

The aim of our study is to give an answer to these questions. From the December 2014 to December 2015, we were selected 20 women with ending pregnancy and mammary silicone gel prostheses.

A commonly instruments were used to evaluate the concentration of antibodies, the silicone concentration was evaluated by spectroscopic analysis and devices silicone free were used.

The tests results was elaborates statistically to verify the relation coefficient between the prostheses presence and the values of tests. The antibodies rate in all groups was compared and the difference wasn’t significant.

The evaluation of the concentration of inflammatory proteins in the newborn blood was performed at the start of the breast-feeding. The results were compared by t Student test.

Our results concord with the other present in literature. The search of haematic and antibody markers, helpful in the diagnosis of immune pathology, not put in evidence a peculiar relation cause-effect and it’s absolute not specific. The same result is observe in the analysis of the newborns antibody rates in A group that in all tests haven’t a statistic significance.

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